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Two Days Tirupati Package From Bangalore

Sri Balaji Travels provides an affordable one-night, two-day Tirupati package from Bangalore by car. All of our packages are personalised and private, allowing customers to create their own package of car, accommodation, and private rental car rather than a pre-defined or group tour package, with no mingling of other groups in your itinerary. Balaji Travels is One of Bangalore’s leading tour and travel companies, Balaji Travels has many years of experience offering Tirupati tour packages from Bangalore.   We’ll work hard to ensure your utmost satisfaction. Whether it’s a vacation or a pilgrimage, we make it enjoyable. One of Bangalore’s leading providers of travel and tourist services is Balaji Travels. In two different methods, we offer a special service from one day and daily Tirupati tour package from Bangalore by car. These are inexpensive day and overnight trips to Tirupati. Additionally, they offer pickup and drop-off services from any location in the city to the Tirupati temple. Discover more about the car package from Bengaluru to Tirupati. We introduced these tour packages to eliminate confusion regarding state permits, tolls, and parking fees. In essence, all of our taxi prices are all-inclusive taxi fares. Therefore, travellers can choose their packages conveniently in accordance with their schedules. You don’t need to worry about running miles, permits, toll and parking fees, etc.; just choose your suitable package and take advantage of hassle-free services. Our trip organisers are available to help you 24/7. Due to their extensive expertise and familiarity with all South Indian tourist attractions, our drivers are capable of helping and direct visitors to Darshan and lodging in Tirumala Tirupati and other locations. Just call on 8296319444 / 8296359444 for any guidance.

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Two Days Tirupati Package From Bangalore

Tirupati Balaji Temple, Tirumala Sight seeing , Padmavathi and Govindaraju Varahaswamy Temples

No of PersonsPackage Amount
   Etios    Rs. 19000
   Innova 6+1    Rs. 24000
   Innova 7+1    Rs. 28000
   Tempo    Rs. 41000

Kanipakam, Padmavathi, Govindaraju , Varahaswami , Iskon, Papavinasam and Tirupati Balaji Temple

No of PersonsPackage Amount
   Etios    Rs. 22,000
   Innova 6+1    Rs. 26,000
   Innova 7+1    Rs. 30,000
   Tempo    Rs. 43,000

Kanipakam, Padmavathi, Govindaraju , Kalahasti , Varahaswami, Kapilatheertham, Akashgange and Tirupati Balaji Temple

No of PersonsPackage Amount
   Etios    Rs. 24,000
   Innova 6+1    Rs. 28,000
   Innova 7+1    Rs. 32,000
   Tempo    Rs. 45,000

Kanipakam, Padmavathi, Govindaraju, Varahaswami, Kapilatheertham, Akashgange , Golden Temple, Papavinasam and Tirupati Balaji Temple

No of PersonsPackage Amount
   Etios    Rs. 29,000
   Innova 6+1    Rs. 34,000
   Innova 7+1    Rs. 38,000
   Tempo    Rs. 52,000
Sri Balaji Travels offers an exciting 2 day Tirupati package from Bangalore, providing an unforgettable pilgrimage experience to this sacred destination. On day one, travelers depart from Bangalore and enjoy a scenic drive to Tirupati, during which they can revel in the picturesque landscapes of South India. Upon arrival, the package includes a visit to the renowned Venkateswara Temple. The next day, the package offers an early morning visit to the temple for a unique and blissful darshan. With experienced guides and seamless arrangements, Sri Balaji Travels ensures that the Tirupati 2 days package from Bangalore is a spiritually enriching and memorable journey for all participants.
Book your 2 day trip to Tirupati with Sri Balaji Travels, departing conveniently from Bangalore. This thoughtfully designed package caters to the spiritual yearnings of devotees and guarantees a hassle-free and comfortable travel experience. Overnight accommodation in well-appointed hotels ensures travelers are well-rested for the early morning darshan on the second day. With experienced guides and attentive services, Sri Balaji Travels ensures that the two day Tirupati tour package from Bangalore is a remarkable and cherished experience for everyone, fostering a profound connection with the divine.

Package Includes

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Day 1Morning around 6AM will be the door pickup,
On the way Visiting Kanipakam Temple,
Hotel check-in,
Padmavathi, Govindarajan temple, Iskon temples,
Stay in Tirupati Hotel
Day 2Start from Hotel ,
Visit Kapilatheetham,
Drive to Tirumala,
Have Balaji Darshan,
Back to Bangalore
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Instructions while visiting Temples

Our dedicated team at Sri Balaji Travels takes care of accommodation and transportation during this two day Tirupati tour package from Bangalore, leaving you with ample time to soak in the sacred ambiance and seek blessings. Whether you are a devoted pilgrim or a curious traveler, this 2-day Tirupati package promises an unforgettable and fulfilling experience, allowing you to create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.
The most sacred location and biggest old temple in the world is Tirupati Balaji Temple. It is situated in the Chittoor district’s Eastern Hills. This temple honours Venkateshwara, a Hindu deity (Vishnu). In Indian religious tradition, the temple of Shri Venkateswara has attained a special sanctity. It is thought that the only way to reach Mukti during this Kalyuga is to worship Sri Venkateswara. On the seventh peak, on the southern shores of Shri Swami Pushkarini, is the venerable and revered shrine of Shri Venkateswara. The Lord has been referred to as Venkateswara because of His leadership over Venkatachala (Lord of the Venkata Hill). The King of the Seven Hills is another name for him. All reservations are FINAL: no postponement, advancement, or cancellation is permitted. If you have any problems booking your tickets, please contact the TTD Call Centre at 0877-2277777/0877-2233333. The amount will not be refunded once the Special Entry Darshan tickets are already reserved Special Instructions: Passengers interested in visiting the sacred Srikalahasti Temple can select the Tirupati Kalahasthi Package from Bangalore by Car. When devotees return to Tirupati after seeking Lord Balaji’s blessings at Tirumala, they can choose to visit the auspicious Srikalahasti Temple, which is only 37 kilometres from Tirupati by paying 2000/- additional to the package amount. There are special Rahu Ketu Poojas held at the temple for devotees, so those who are interested can take benefit of them. Passengers can easily travel to Kalahasthi in the same car or tempo traveller and then return to Bangalore

All bookings are FINAL: Postpone / Prepone / Cancellation is NOT allowed.

For any issue while booking the tickets, please Contact TTD Toll free Numbers: 18004254141, 1800425333333. Once booked the Special Entry darshan tickets the amount will not be Refunded.

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