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Three Days Tirupati Package From Bangalore

Sri Balaji Travels is specialized in the best Tirupati tour operators in Bangalore. We provide one-day and two-day Three-day Bangalore to Tirupati tour packages at the most affordable prices. Special VIP darshan tickets, pickup and drop, tollgate, parking, driver bata, and fuels are all included in our packages. We ensured that devotees from Bangalore had a comfortable and safe pilgrimage trip. You can now book Three Day Tirupati package from Bangalore on weekdays and weekends and travel at your leisure, with options – from small cars to luxury sedans and Tempo Travellers. Choose your vehicle and save money!

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Three Days Tirupati Package From Bangalore

Tirupati Balaji Temple , Padmavathi , Govindaraju,Srinivasa Mangapuram, Iskon, Kalahasti, Kanipakam, Kapilatheetha, Papavinasam

No of PersonsPackage Amount
   Etios    Rs. 23,000
   Innova 6+1    Rs. 28,000
   Innova 7+1    Rs. 29,000
   Tempo    Rs. 43,000

Tirupati Balaji Temple , Padmavathi , Govindaraju,Srinivasa Mangapuram, Iskon, Kalahasti, Kanipakam, Kapilatheetha, Papavinasam and Golden Temple

No of PersonsPackage Amount
   Etios    Rs. 24,000
   Innova 6+1    Rs. 29,000
   Innova 7+1    Rs. 30,000
   Tempo    Rs. 44,000
Sri Balaji Travels presents an enticing 3-day Tirupati package from Bangalore, catering to both spiritual seekers and travel enthusiasts. This thoughtfully curated itinerary ensures you have a memorable and fulfilling experience exploring the sacred city of Tirupati. Starting from Bangalore, you will embark on a comfortable journey with experienced drivers who know the best routes and scenic spots. Upon reaching Tirupati, the package includes a comprehensive tour of the renowned Tirumala Temple, where you can offer your prayers and immerse yourself in the divine atmosphere. The expert guides from Sri Balaji Travels will provide you with insights into the temple’s history and significance, enhancing your pilgrimage experience during this tirupati 3 days package from bangalore. Besides the temple, you will also have the chance to visit other local attractions and enjoy the city’s culture and cuisine. After three days of soul-enriching exploration, you will return to Bangalore with cherished memories and a sense of tranquility.
A captivating 3-day Tirupati tour from Bangalore with Sri Balaji Travels, a journey designed to offer you an enriching and spiritually uplifting experience. Leaving from Bangalore, you will travel in comfort and style to Tirupati, a city known for its divine aura and cultural heritage. The highlight of the trip is a visit to the renowned Tirumala Temple, where you can seek blessings and connect with your inner self. With expert guidance from Sri Balaji Travels, you will gain a deeper understanding of the temple’s significance and its historical importance. In addition to the spiritual journey, this tirupati 3 days package from bangalore includes visits to other local landmarks, providing a well-rounded experience of Tirupati’s charm and allure. The tour also takes care of your accommodation and transportation needs, ensuring a seamless and delightful trip. Prepare to be mesmerized by the spiritual essence of Tirupati as you return to Bangalore with a heart full of gratitude and cherished memories and explore the divine city of Tirupati with our 3-day package from Bangalore.
Experience the best of Tirupati with our 3-day tour from Bangalore. Our expert guides will accompany you to the renowned Tirumala Temple, ensuring a fulfilling and enlightening pilgrimage.Let us be your travel partner as you immerse yourself in the spirituality and beauty of this divine city.

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The above packages do not include Kalahasti Temple, so if you want to visit it, an additional charge of Rs 2000/- will be levied. If you book one week in advance, we can easily operate packages. If you plan one day or two days in advance, one must check the availability of the packages. The packages we can operate depend on Rs 300 special entry darshan tickets for Tirupati Balaji Temples Darshan. Balaji Travels organises ideal packages from Bangalore to Tirumala Tirupati with guaranteed TTD 300/-Rs Darshan Tickets by car. All of the vehicles are adequately insured. And each vehicle is the most recent model. Pilgrims who choose Balaji Travels to visit Tirupati can relieve themselves of travel worries, Special Entry Darshan ticket worries, guide worries, and so on. Padmavathi Travels Management and the drivers will take care of everything. We always immediately notify the customer of the status of their Tirupati Temple Tour Package Booking from Bangalore. If you are unfamiliar with Tirupati / Tirumala and the Special Arrangements for Infant Baby Darshan, Senior Citizens, and NRIs, please contact us. For a better experience, visit All Tirupati Darshan Packages are duly assigned to the Customers. We don’t accomplish anything without the knowledge of our customers. Tirupati is the most divine place that everyone should visit at least once in their lives. Receive blessings from TTD Lord Venkateshwara and other nearby temples such as Anjaneya Temple, Vinayaka Temple, and others. We are acting as a go-between to ensure a peaceful journey and blessings.

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For any issue while booking the tickets, please Contact TTD Toll free Numbers: 18004254141, 1800425333333. Once booked the Special Entry darshan tickets the amount will not be Refunded.

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