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Bangalore To Tirupati One day Volvo A/C Bus Package

Join us as we go spiritually to the home of Lord Venkateswara, the place where divinity and beauty collide. One of the most revered pilgrimage destinations in India, Tirupati, is one of the places Sri Balaji Travels welcomes you to explore. Allow our crew to walk you through the rich mythology and history associated with this holy spot as we set off on this heartfelt adventure. Be enthralled by its magnificent architecture and take in the tranquil atmosphere to make a lasting imprint on your heart. With Balaji Travels, let’s explore the beautiful region of Tirumala, where every minute is a blessing.
Tirupati Package from Bangalore by Bus cost
Bus tours are operated by licenced private bus operators. The daily semi-sleeper VOLVO AC multi-axle bus service to Tirupati offers these packages. A Deluxe hotel will offer the opportunity to freshen up. Visiting temples include Padmavati Temple Darshan and Tirupati Balaji in Tirumala Hills with special entrance darshan ticket.


Dress code to be followed below,

Children below 6 years old are free, however if a seat is needed, we’ll charge 2800/-. After darshan, the cost of the darshan ticket 300/- will be fully reimbursed,
Please have ID with you while getting on the bus.
One hour prior to departure, passengers will receive an SMS with bus and driver information.
According to TTD policies, cancellation, postponement, and postponement are not permitted, and they cannot be transferred to other people.
All-luxury semi-sleeper/sleeper AC bus with a 49-seat capacity, multi-axle Volvo. The traveller will benefit financially from sharing packages. For more information, call 8296319444. Our pilgrims get the greatest deal. To learn more about the bus sharing packages for adults, contact us immediately. Sri Balaji Tours is committed to giving our pilgrims the greatest experience, and they offer both bus and car packages. Information for the one-day Tirupati car package and one-day Tirupati bus package have been added on our website. It will be considerably more comfortable to travel by Volvo Bus Package from Bangalore to Tirupati. Visit Sri Balaji Tours to reserve one of our Bangalore to Tirupati Volvo Bus Packages. Bus packages from Bangalore to Tirupati are offered at the lowest rates. The AP Tourism Bangalore to Tirupati Packages, Tirupati Daily Darshan A/C bus Package, and Tirupati tour packages are all available for all dates. Moreover, we organise APSRTC Tirupati Packages and Bangalore Tirupati Packages. Bus packages include with breakfast, lunch, darshan tickets, and laddu prasad and are offered at the finest prices. We provide packages by sleeper and semi-sleeper with all-inclusive (AC).
A transformative pilgrimage with our Tirupati one day package from Bangalore by bus. Simplify your travel plans and embrace the spiritual aura of Tirumala as you journey from Bangalore to the divine abode. Our carefully designed bus packages provide various options, including sleeper buses for a restful journey or AC bus packages for added comfort. With our Tirupati one day package, you can focus on your spiritual journey without worrying about travel logistics.
Experience the ultimate convenience of our Tirupati one day package from Bangalore by bus, tailor-made for a seamless pilgrimage experience. Whether you’re seeking a sleeper bus for a peaceful rest during the journey or an AC bus package for a comfortable ride, we have you covered. Book your Bangalore to Tirupati bus package and set forth on a meaningful expedition to Tirumala. As you travel with ease, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with the divine, seek blessings, and return to Bangalore all in the span of a single day.

All bookings are FINAL: Postpone / Prepone / Cancellation is NOT allowed.

For any issue while booking the tickets, please Contact TTD Toll free Numbers: 18004254141, 1800425333333. Once booked the Special Entry darshan tickets the amount will not be Refunded.

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